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Strategic Criminal Defense

Last updated on September 26, 2022

Criminal charges can result in fines or potential imprisonment. The impacts of criminal charges are not confined to a courtroom. Your job, reputation, and rights may be greatly impacted as the result of a criminal conviction. However, with the appropriate defense, any person can avoid these serious results.

The first step to your criminal defense is understanding the nature of your charges and what the State must establish to prove your guilt. The factual circumstances of your case are important in analyzing the charges and preparing a defense. Shane Kennedy Law can assist you in successfully defending your criminal charge.

Common charges are:

  • Drug offenses;
  • Assault and assault on a female;
  • Carrying a concealed weapon;
  • Breaking or entering;
  • Larceny;
  • Possession of Stolen Property; and
  • Probation Violations.

The proper management and preparation of your case can lead to a more successful outcome. To effectively defend against any criminal charge, retaining a criminal defense attorney is necessary. While you may feel, or know, that you are innocent, the risk of losing your freedom, rights, and property is worth contacting a criminal defense attorney. Contact Shane Kennedy Law to discuss your criminal case.