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Keeping Your Family Together Through Your Divorce

Last updated on September 21, 2022

One of the largest concerns for many parents facing divorce is the final custody agreement that will follow. As a parent wanting to maximize the time you get with your child, you know that nothing less than your best effort in your divorce is acceptable.

At the Kenansville office of Shane Kennedy Law, we agree with you, and we have the legal skill and knowledge necessary to help you pursue the ideal outcome in your custody negotiations and litigation.

How Courts Determine Custody

There are several conditions that will influence a court’s decision about the custody agreement in your divorce. It is possible for the children involved to have a considerable influence on the outcome of these cases. If the judge believes that the children are mature enough, understand the weight of the situation, and are able to make a rational, informed choice, it may influence the court’s decision.

Additionally, a court will look at the best interests of the children involved including factors such as:

  • The income of each spouse
  • The environment each spouse offers
  • Whether either spouse poses a potential danger to the children
  • How able each parent is to meet their children’s needs
  • Which parent can offer the most stable life
  • Who can meet the needs of special circumstances (like medical needs) best

As your legal representation, our responsibility is to make your voice heard by presenting all the supporting evidence and making the strongest claim possible to a judge. Where your kids live after a divorce can shape their whole future, so let us help you give them their brightest future.

Someone To Keep Your Family Whole

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